Opened in 1964, the original Graff Dairy was a Grand Junction favorite for 50 years. Known for its fresh, hometown milk and legendary ice cream, Graff Dairy had scores of loyal customers throughout the decades. Perhaps it was the secret recipe loaned to Graff from the Enstrom family that made the dairy so celebrated, or the sense of ownership felt by the community, but many were saddened when Graff closed its doors in August of 2014-seemingly forever.

In 2015 local entrepreneur Darin Carei purchased the property and announced to much celebration that he would reopen Graff. The original building has been doubled in size and fully renovated. The new Graff Dairy will offer all of the old favorites and more, including homemade ice cream, shakes, Mountain Glacier treats, coffee and espresso, and has plans to offer food items and a line of specialty cheeses.

"The Grand Junction Original is back," comments Darin Carei, the new owner. "We have a professional staff, drive-thru service, new and improved products, and of course the flavors that kept locals coming here for over 50 years. Bring the whole family, we're waiting to see you!"


The Vision for Graff Dairy is Three-Fold:

To continue the tradition of a locally owned, family friendly micro creamery, complete with the best ice cream on the Western Slope, homemade novelties, and a nice environment in which to enjoy them.

To evolve into a full-fledged dairy product manufacturing facility that continually works toward delivering new and exciting products. By pushing the product development envelope, we will create a unique collection of milk based products including: small batch cheeses of cheddar, mozzarella, squeaky cheese curds or custom flavors infused with local fruits and vegetables; seasonal favorites such as eggnog; creamy butter fats; super rich whole milk; and fresh-from-the-farm skim milk.

To, above all, provide hope and opportunity to every one of our employees. We see this hope as being built by their hands-on experience of creating success even greater than they imagined and creating a better future through knowing their ability to learn, grow, and succeed. We see opportunity presented through challenges of work ethic, interpersonal dynamics, and humility learned while dealing with the many complexities within the workplace.

Someone once said, "Change brings opportunity." We say, "Opportunity brings change."

Thank you very much for being a part of the Graff Dairy experience. May you feel empowered by a positive change you are supporting through your patronage.

Peace and grace.

Graff Management Staff