"Outstanding ice cream! They have some interesting flavors of the week. Have not tried their food, yet."

Larry Crites

"Has some of the best sundaes I've ever had! They even accommodated me by helping me make my own wild sundae idea. It was delicious. Friendly service and clean location."

Daron Hashir-Brown

"I absolutely love your lavender ice cream! I know it is a weekly flavor, but do you sell it by the gallon?"

Shawna Peterson

"The ice cream is so delicious here. They offer a new flavor each week. My favorites are Mint chocolate chip and Strawberry. Makes it so hard stay away. Good for the soul, not so much the waistline."

Lance Liberto

"We love Graff Dairy! I love that they do a flavor of the week each week. I love their cause and they have very reasonable prices."

Sarah Jewkes

"Stop here a couple times a month. My kiddos love it and they like trying the rotating flavor of the weeks. Good pulled pork, decent hot dogs, variety of other non ice cream snacks."

Jason Moore

"Great place for some homemade style ice cream. Glad to see the place was renovated and re-opened."

Guy Purcella

"My family, especially my Grandbabies have Graff on their must list all the time. I dont even care how much it costs because they love it so much and it's such a tradition on an almost weekly basis. Flavor of the week is the best for the Grandbabies."

Laura Plumlee

"Peach cobbler is the special this week an is worth every penny."

Kyle Hayhurst

"Chocolate cone since I was a kid paying with loose change. It's still just as good!!!"

Trista Pike

"Love this ice cream so much !! great grandma took me to get it at 5 years old I'm now 31 and still love it "

Camellia Haggerty

"Very good ice cream shop. All home made."

Fred Ferrell

"Yummy ice cream and lots of great people working there."

Mary Catherine Brophy

"Love the new remodeled store. Good ice cream."

Char Anderson

"I enjoy this place immensely, I come here every opportunity that I get! Definitely worth a visit!"

Aaron Fairclough

"Excellent homemade ice cream the kids are very nice too."

Dan Barker

"They serve the very best ice cream! It's a treat to see inside or out. The grass yard is fenced and the classic cars are fun!"

Merrideth Sieckert

"The ice cream I amazing I been coming here since I was a kid."

Michael Rowell

"I had Red Velvet ice cream and it had soooo much flavor and of course delicious."

Julie Adams

"I'm always looking for a good affogato, and it's as simple as that. Delicious."

Nicole Tuttle